The only project you actually need

In an establishment along Kalaayan road in Kawit, Cavite, hides Coffee Project. The catchy coffee shop can easily be seen at the second floor of AllHome, A home improvement store owned by the Villar Group of Companies. Comparably, it may leverage itself with the excellence of Starbucks and Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but Coffee Project, with it’s vintage bikes hanging on its walls and ceilings, knows how to strike you initially at the moment came for it to impress.


Shot using my Samsung A5

It may not be hard to understand that coffee shops give us feeling of warmth and comfort. But to elevate coffee shops into something strikingly beautiful as an art fair, Coffee Project will be a reminiscent of French classic studios adorned with exquisite furniture and lush of indoor plants.


The interior at daylight

If Coffee Project would be a candidate in a beauty pageant, it will be someone whose proud, well-dressed, and gorgeous not just because you put some good lighting to it. The generous amount of exquisite pieces like eclectic bulbs, blooms and inspirational quotes make Coffee Project an IG worthy to go place.


If you wanted to squeeze some quite time to your week or reserve a night for your date, this can be a place to visit as it offers a homey and comforting vibe.



The slur of spices in the longganisa will definitely tickle your tongue. Combined with a flavored salad, and fried rice, all your guilt will be set aside once you’ve taken the remnants of the plate.


Perfect for more quite time for families and friends, Coffee Project also offers an array of comfort foods such as pastas, sandwiches, cakes, brownies and salads. All breakfast meals were also served for those who are looking for full meals.


Kani Salad

Coffee Project definitely knows how treat veggies with utmost care. The perfect combination of kani and fruits make a show off. This may seem a not-so-extraordinary meal but the freshness of Kani blends perfectly with creamy sauce as it melts in your mouth.



Blueberry Almond Cupcake with Cappuccino Frappe

This cupcake comes with a not so typical combination, almonds and blueberry. Taming the tangy taste of the blueberry, the balance of sweetness and crisp taste of the outer part, this blue berry almond cupcake will serve as a fine dessert.


Overall, Coffee Project is not just a pretty and picturesque café for Cavitenos. It feels like your own private hideaway for special someone and friends. The dishes and meals aim to make you happy and refreshed for the upcoming work and study week.


Guess it will make you a special guest on a night that wants you to stay in.