Run on the Weekend


I loathe sports. Volleyball is a little bit discriminating because I have nearsighted vision. I am not that good at chess, (although I mastered Sycilian Defense more than anyone else in high school, I still didn’t make it to the cut). I may have realized earlier that sports was not for me, but running at this point of my life brought not just toughness but contentment beyond comprehension. Happy hormones it is.

In the morning, the moment I stepped the distance, as I bring my feet whether past the grassy field, cemented road, or less likely an elevated terrain, I am looking forward to the exceptional freedom in half-dream and half-reality ecstatic state.

According to Runner’s World, not only it is healthy for the body and mind, running can help you get in shape and build muscles. Your muscles start using adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the energy molecules your body makes from food. Then it does something to the burning of glycogen and releasing of sweat. (Which I find too technical but I’ll share anyway for the sake if scientific evidence).

Just to share also, I have different encounters on the road. Sometimes I step on a dog’s poop, a not-so-dried puke, and sticky muds (when it rained on the evening). Regardless of what nature has to offer, you’ve got to do one thing. You have to run. Not to lose your pace despite the cat-calling of nearby bystanders.

But what became most tremendously astonishing is when I got to witness the light orange tinted morning sky. It’s still blue on the upper portion of the horizon but it is beginning to show the rising sun, not blinding to look at as its morning glare tells you it’s time to get going. The mixing hues of dark blue, faint orange and bright yellow makes you feel you’re in between night and day.

Then during my weekend morning run,  it became a routine for me to anticipate its beauty.

Sometimes I finished 6 kilometers in 1 hour, but most of the time it is just 5 kilometers. Until recently, I joined National Geographic Marathon,  I finished 10 kilometers in 1 hour and 26 minutes. They say it is good for a beginner like me.

I guess what I liked most about running is that it allows you to compete with no one else but yourself. The more you push yourself beyond your limits the more empowered you become. As you grasp the meaning of your achievement, it resonates to your soul. It tells you that you are made to conquer and at the same time makes you appreciate the life you have. You are strong enough and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Will I run more often during weekends? Yes but it could be at night. Let’s see.


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