Tale of a little monster: “How to Make it Red, Bloody Red”


I remember a line from Charles Dicken’s novel that has something to with a fresh graduate’s situation.  It says something about one’s pocket is empty but his head ferments with knowledge and persistence. From the late 1800’s up to the 21st century, this statement holds true. Whether you are a fresh graduate or not, whether from a reputable university or college, we are all struggling to leave a legacy to the industry that we are in (and of course to earn lots of money). At all cost we want to make a mark in our own fields as we keep our spunk ever present on our disposition.

Labored upon, well curated and detailed resumes are being sent to multitudes of headhunter’s email addresses. Not just eyebrows are estimated as “on point” but our job radars as well. Deemed as little internet predators, our eyes are glued to monitors. Hunched shoulders, so hunched that it will resemble a question mark, questioning our capabilities whether we will be enlisted or not. Eyes of Jobstreet monsters will suddenly pop out whenever we receive notification on our SMS, emails or any social media platform we used to make ourselves available to the job ecosystem.

We carefully choose our best outfit for the interview. Will you wear polo? Skirt or pants? Or will you opt to wear a black and armored suit as what John Wick has put it, a tactical one (just kidding). From here, I will no longer elaborate how the job interview process goes. Of course, it is a combination of agony of waiting, of calculated answers, endless application forms to accomplished,  names of your dependents (if there’s any), and so on.

At last you made it. You no longer consider yourself as a disposable bin by these so called headhunters. This is the real game, give your fair share of knowledge to the company and the company in return, will give a piece of their money. That’s how the ecosystem goes. You find yourself in the jungle, where the brutal reality of corporate setting finally takes its shape.

The swiftest will win, the smartest will succeed. You see managers as hungry tigers with perfect strength to join the competition. Having a stronghold on their thrones are the resilient wolves, tough enough to withstand the test of times. And you,  what will you morph into?







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