Why Bags of Beans is an enemy of Dementors

In literal sense, it seems that every corner is glowing. Reading in between the vintage interiors and late victorian era vibe, Bag of Beans is a place for exquisite fine dining. The fancy white painted bird cages, reclaimed wood counters and painted mini bicycle with tuscan style dinning tables all come together to bring an enchanted ambiance. Every chair and tables are painted white suggesting calmness and purity.

In perspective, Tagaytay is brimming with mid-century cafes, coffee shops and restaurants but Bag of Beans seems to break the hemogeny by its non buzzy mood and anti-coffee shop in the mall feel.

This twin lake branch is subdivided into two parts. The lower section contains more fancy crafts and a lunch with Madhatter type of dinning table



I  believe this spot is dedicated for mother goose and your official Grims’ Fairytale characters


Way more romantic than the backseat of your Rover

20161101_103252I ordered tuna putanesca and it is perfect for those who are stopping for a healthy treat


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