They wander aimlessly. Photo not mine


This has not something to do with mythical creatures that Filipino folklore is known at. This entity is far from the ghouls and manananggals whose rate of survival in urban setting is close to nonexistent. This is definitely not as enormous as the size of kapres, who keeps on lurking in the dark but some used to come with same habit of hitting a cigarette.

To tell the truth, these are ordinary humans comprising the entire percentage of Filipino workforce and I am one of them.

In silence, with the tiniest sound you can hear is some shuffling of paper money from driver’s seat, we all breathe in the cold and lysol smelling like air. We are on journey to our homes while some are headed towards their nocturnal whereabouts. In this case, I belong to the former. This smooth travel is not so seemless at all. Time to time you will hear blaring of horns and whistles. They break into the silence and mix with soft, dreamy whispers.

Traffic is never good at this time and not that particularly better in the morning. The hustle and bustle of the street already belong to our system. The sounds rushing jeeps and the dark, arid smoke that comes from it and the scampering feet of street children resemble an orchaestra with failed symphony.

How will I describe these creatures? Maybe I can no longer go far from droopy eyes and eyebags that needs some excavation. Half-open eyes. Head keep losing its balance. And hungry stomachs.

What more can I say? Maybe we have to simply exist. Maybe pretending to be lost and at the same time alive in the world of the sleepless. In the decade of complex commuting system. Of restless bodies and little hopes of change.



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